Susan Williamson Red Cross Certified Lifeguard, Certified Miracle Swimming instructor and coach, has been working with the SJI community and at SJI fitness for 14 years. She has been privileged to teach and learn from young babies, children, and adults. She brings her love of experiential learning practices to her swim instruction. First and foremost is her desire to honor every students need for feeling safe and respected. She begins where a student is comfortable and builds from there. It is her privilege and joy to serve and guide her students to the wonders of swimming. Susan is available for private and group instruction.

Claire Wright is a mermaid from the desert. She has over 15 years of experience working with children. Her very first job when she was 14 was lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons. Claire was a competitive swimmer for 8 years. Swimming was and continues to be a very important part of Claire's life, providing an excellent outlet for energy, personal discipline, and a full-body low-impact means of getting exercise. She feels it is very important that everyone learns how to swim, especially those of us living in a place so abundant with water! Claire is available for private lessons for all ages and skill levels Mondays-Fridays following swim team and group lessons at 4:30 PM, and Wednesdays at 5 PM. She is flexible about times on the weekends as well. Claire habla espanol, tambien! Please contact her directly at (505)702-6796 or via email

Susan Williamson is proud to announce a brand new Adult Beginners Swimming class! Miracle Swimming is a new system of teaching swimming that guarantees that adults who are afraid in the water will be able to learn how to swim. The course defines learning to swim as personal water safey; learning how to comfortable, safe, confident and free in any depth of water. 

For details contact Susan at 360-472-1235... and to register call the front desk at 360-378-4449. Or check out the website at:

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Private Lessons: To schedule private swimming lessons please contact the club.

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