San Juan Island Fitness Swim Team is a developmental, competitive swimming program with three levels designed to meet the needs of kids ages 7 to 18 who have varying abilities. Our goal is to create an environment where swimming is fun but challenging and where swimmers can become proficient and confident in their abilities to compete.

We strive to instill in all of our swimmers a sense of accomplishment while working together as a team and to let them push themselves to do the best they can.

The team as a whole is called the ORCAS and is divided into three competency levels:

J pod – This group is our beginners. They are typically aged 7 – 11 and are expected to be able to swim one length of the pool on their front or back or a combination of the two.

K pod – These swimmers are at an intermediate level and consist of swimmers aged 8 to 12. They should be able to swim two lengths of the pool Freestyle and two lengths Backstroke and demonstrate an ability to swim a length of the pool Breaststroke.

L pod – This is our advanced group of swimmers and they are aged 10 and up. They can swim three or more lengths of the pool of each Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke and demonstrate the ability to try and swim a length of the pool Butterfly.

*For swimmers to be promoted to the next level they need to show that they can meet the stroke competencies described above as well as the more strenuous workout demands. Ultimately it is the coach’s decision for promotion.

The team also relies on parental involvement for swimmer and team support for the season which starts early November and ends February.

2018 Summer Swimming events